Design & Video

When I started my career in the mid-1990s, the technology we have today didn’t exist or was just beginning to reach the masses. I had taken the first coding class at my high school and was one of a handful who studied computer-based graphic design in college. It was my embrace of technology that helped me to hone my graphic design skills, incorporate that into web design, and pick up video experience. Today I use this experience and knowledge to better manage projects, build stronger brands, and communicate in the most effective ways possible.

Video Editing & Production

I learned video editing and began using video in marketing efforts in 2014 when I worked for Habitat for Humanity International’s Neighborhood Revitalization program. Here I show a few different ways in which I used video for that program. I have used video in my marketing efforts since this time.

The first three videos were produced by a freelancer that I managed. These were used nationally to educate affiliates on the importance of neighborhood revitalization and the first steps to take.

The fourth and fifth videos were created in collaboration with affiliates presenting at the national affiliate conference. Three different affiliates shot the footage after I provided details on how to shoot it. I then edited the videos together, and added the music, titles, and subtitles. These videos were used to introduce each section of the presentation which addressed challenges to implementing neighborhood revitalization in communities.

Graphic Design & Branding

Before I became a journalism major, I studied graphic design in college. I had enough hours to make it an unofficial minor. I have used this skill throughout my career. In the beginning, I performed page layout for my own articles in trade magazines. I then used my skills to develop press-ready materials and web content when I moved into marketing. Today, I primarily use these skills to develop visual brands and guidelines and to better manage timelines for creative projects.

Here I show the most recent rebrand I did for Hemophilia of Georgia. I designed all materials myself since we didn’t have a design budget. The company’s color palette used primary (red, yellow, and blue) and secondary (green, orange, and purple) colors, which worked well for camp, but not as much for insurance companies, legislators, and medical staff. I created a more subdued look for the audiences that received the majority of materials.

Web Design

As a communications professional, websites usually fall under my management. They are also typically the first thing a company wants to change when a new communications person comes on board. Because of my graphics experience, web design became a natural offshoot for my skills. In some cases I have designed or redesigned sites on my own. Other times, I used the assistance of programmers or agencies. Here you’ll see three examples of websites I developed. HoG’s intranet (which I created from scratch), Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute’s website (still used today, click the images to view the site), and Habitat for Humanity International’s intranet, which is used by 1400 affiliates nationwide.