Karna LLC Emails

Karna primarily utilized email for internal communications, but we occasionally sent client emails, such as the holiday card. I wrote, designed, scheduled, and deployed all corporate emails using Mailchimp. I also have experience in Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly Exact Target), Pardot, and Constant Contact.

(Click images to view a readable version online)

This is a holiday card email that was sent to clients and partners of Karna LLC. To see the holiday video, click here.

Karna LLC introduced a new annual year-end review process one week prior to the review cycle kick-off. This email introduced the new process and set the stage for upcoming internal webinars. To view the step-by-step guide noted in the email, click here.

Karna’s parent company announced a $500 incentive for getting the COVID-19 vaccine. This is the initial email that was sent out to all Karna staff.

This is one of the monthly executive messages I wrote on behalf of Karna LLC’s president.

This was part of an internal campaign regarding our annual trivia nights event in the fall. To view the branded registration form, click here.

As part of the new employee engagement and recognition program I implemented, I established a system to introduce new leadership members to staff, as well as new junior staff (see below). To read Kelly’s bio, click here, and here for Ken’s bio.

This is an example of the monthly new junior staff hiring announcements.

Each year, Karna LLC conducted an employee survey. This is the branded email sent to staff in 2021.

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