Integrated Marketing

I have been a one-person team and part of a larger marketing team. I can develop strategies and implement campaigns from concept to completion or provide direction to other staff. I’ve provided a few examples of integrated, omnichannel campaigns. You can also download a PDF of my marketing portfolio below.

Hemophilia of Georgia’s Virtual Camp Wannaklot Campaign

HoG had never conducted a virtual event before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The annual summer camp was our biggest event of the year. To encourage participation in our virtual event, we had to inform clients what a virtual camp would look like and how they could participate. We conducted an integrated campaign that include email and social media marketing, website content, as well as traditional mailings, and web conferencing. The event was successful with the same amount of “junior campers” participating as the previous year’s in-person event.
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Ingenious Med ‘Right Side of Healthcare Tour’ Campaign

Ingenious Med, a healthcare Saas company, wanted to come down from the cloud and mix and mingle with its clients. In the spring of 2016, our four-person marketing team launched a multi-channel marketing campaign to announce the Right Side of Healthcare Tour. The tour took place in a branded Mercedes-Benz van that traveled around the country to explain the benefits of our products to prospects, as well as hold training and consulting meetings with existing clients.

While it was a team effort, my role was to bring together the marketing staff to brainstorm and then develop a formal plan. I wrote up the plan and presented it to the executive team. I was also responsible for writing all copy, including social media posts. I also led internal campaigns.
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JLL Southeast Research Campaign

JLL, a global commercial real estate firm, had an award-winning research team in the Southeast Region. However, before this campaign, there had been no formal marketing of this valuable resource. I worked with the head of the U.S. Southeast research team to outline a schedule for all reports for the coming year. We then identified key reports to highlight.

From there, I developed a marketing plan that focused on digital advertising, press releases with media events, direct email campaigns from JLL brokers, social media, and web updates.
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